3 Faux Pas to Avoid When Traveling

Going to new places is certainly fun, what with all the exciting new things to see and experience. However, things can turn sour quickly if you’ve unknowingly offended the locals because of something you did that you thought was just innocent fun. At the very least, you might get angry stares or a reprimand. Worst, you can get into serious trouble or land in jail. So it is important that you learn about the etiquette commonly practiced in the locale you are soon visiting. And to make it easier for you, here are certain faux pas you need to generally avoid when traveling:

Leaving a mark

It’s understandable that you want to have some kind of memento of yourself in places you visit, but there are totally legit ways to do this without causing any furor from the locals. However, when you start carving your name on a landmark’s walls or on protected cave walls, then the whole country you’re visiting might get on your case. So don’t vandalize. Surely, taking a photo is more than enough.

Wearing skimpy clothing in temples

Yes it’s hot and you will be walking all day. You want to be comfortable and so you decided tank tops and short shorts are the way to go, even if an ancient temple or two are part of the itinerary. Please remember though that you are the visitor there and it is your place to respect the local customs. Most likely, those places of worship require everybody to wear appropriate clothing, so don’t disrespect that. You might not be able to enter the landmark at all or you’ll have to pay extra just to rent cover-ups.

Causing too much noise at night in hostels (or any type of accommodation)

Again, this is all about showing respect. No matter how excited you are and happy to be traveling, once you get to your hostel, know that there are other people there who need rest. So keep your voice down when arriving at night. You’d want others to show the same courtesy to you, right?

By avoiding these faux pas, you will open yourself up to a more pleasant travel experience.