Hidden Secrets Behind The Pomp of Walt Disney World

Disneyland is a dream playground for adults and especially for children. Was first built by the great cartoonist named Walt Disney, has now become one of the tourist attractions that the family is well suited to your visit.

Disneyland Park or at the beginning called Disneyland in California which was first officially opened as Disney Theme on July 17, 1955 in Disney World. Tourist attractions which always attracts millions of visitors each year, it holds many secrets you do not know, as reported by the following buzzfeed.com.

Tunnels under Disneyworldsecret tunnels under disney world

There is an underground tunnel that is made specifically for the workers and costumes player from one area to another without the knowledge of visitors. Therefore, you will not meet costumes player of Tomorrow land in Frontier land, and vice versa.

Hidden thousands logo of Mickey Mousehidden mickeys in disney world

If you have the opportunity to come to Disney World, try to count how many logos you meet Mickey Mouse. Not only are visible, which is located at the corner of the frame was hidden there.

Every 30 steps, no trashwalt disney world parks orlando florida main street

Based on experience and observations made by Walt Disney, people would bring their waste as far as 30 steps and then discarded. Therefore, you will find thousands of trash cans in the Disney Park.

Color footpath in the Magic Kingdom seems to be connected with each othermagic kingdom castle disney world

In fact, in full color every building in the Magic Kingdom has been investigated by Kodak and Disney. As a result, the light reflected on colored concrete creates the images more vivid. This means, you are required to take photos at this location right!

Secret Basketball Courtdisney world basketball courts

If you are a fan of basketball, it looks like you have to strive to find a basketball court for the staff on the 3rd floor of the vehicle to play the Matterhorn. There is no one on one unique field that is hidden under the stairs.

And there are dozens of hidden facts behind the magnificent Disney World you are going to visit soon. As a variety of Mickey and Donald hieroglyphs on the Indiana Jones for example.