Planning to Visit Zimbabwe? Here Are the Impressive Locations!

The Most Enjoyable Things to Do in Zimbabwe

It is a country located in the southern region of Africa. Though not well-known as a tourist destination, it is an amazing place to visit. From the ruins, well-maintained national parks, and expansive dams for those who love cruising, it is a good destination to explore. Other things that make the country unique include the superb environment and a variety of places for the lovers of nature.

The activities that most people love in this location include bungee jumping, hiking, fishing in the fresh waters, and watching the African safaris. Previously, the reputation of the country as a tourist destination was destroyed by the common political upheavals. Things have now changed, and the country is calm for those who would like to visit.

Few people know about the country and the locations that are good for visitors. If you are a traveler that would love to explore the country, here are samples of the best areas you can visit and enjoy:

The Exciting Victoria Falls for the Lovers of Adventure

It is one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Dr. David Livingstone, who was a British explorer, is the one who made the location known in 1885. Its popularity has risen since that period. The fall acts as the border separating Zambia from Zimbabwe. With a height of 108 m, Victoria Falls are 54 m longer than the Niagara Falls which is located in the US. With this height, the fall of the water makes a spectacular scene for the viewer. It makes a romantic location to visit and is a good place for those who love bungee-jumping. This is definitely an unforgettable travel destination.

Walking on Zimbabwe’s part of the fall is cheaper. Viewing and taking pictures of the fall is only charged $30. Besides, there are great eating joints such as the Three Monkeys where you can have delicious meals at affordable rates. You receive huge servings as well. Learn the Shona translation as you make friends.

Kariba Dam for Houseboat Enthusiasts

Are you traveling with friends? This location, also called Zimbabwe’s playground, is great for a group outing. The place is a 5-hour drive from Harare. For a great experience in Kariba Dam, you can organize your friends to rent a houseboat. Watching this artificial lake on the boat is a breath-taking experience. In addition to the water, you can also view the animals and a beautiful sunset. You can also fish and visit the islands. To enjoy the destination wholly, you need two days. There are many lodges on the shores of the lake which offer excellent accommodation.

View Rhinos at the National Park at Matopos

The park is located 40 km on the Southern side of Bulawayo. It has huge rocks that present a fascinating formation. The balancing of the rocks on top of each other is magnificent. Cecil Rhodes was buried in this park. If you love hiking, this location suits you. Besides, you have the opportunity to see the black rhino. Although lions and elephants are not found here, the leopard population is one of the highest in the Southern Africa region. You can explore the park in 2 days.

Make Your Discovery in the Great Zimbabwean Ruins

It is made up of the settlements that were used by the gold traders between the 11th and 15th century. Identified as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place has structures considered the most ancient in the sub-Sahara region. The exploration of this location can take you 4 hours or more.

Go for the Game Drive at Hwange National Park

Your visit to Zimbabwe can never be complete if you do not go for the game drive. The park is among the ten largest ones in Africa. From Victoria Falls, you only take a short drive to reach this park. It is home to a population of elephants exceeding 4,000. You can also watch 100+ species of mammals including:

  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Rhinos

Cruise on the Zambezi River and Have Fun

A cruise through the Zambezi River allows you to view the Savanna and Mopane forest. Additionally, you can see antelopes and lions. It is close to Victoria Falls.

As you can see, there are many things you are bound to experience in Zimbabwe. Ensure you pick what works for you. Otherwise, be ready for an experience that will stay in your mind for a long time.