Some Tips for Tourists in Shopping Season in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as a natural paradise and the capital of art and romance. Besides, a part of modern life is the luxury shopping district. Melbourne’s shopping season lasts from May to July, which is bustling and really attractive.

In addition to clothes, perfume is also a perfect choice in Melbourne for visitors. Its price is not expensive at all. You can own the products of the better-known brands from Yves Saint Laurent, Lacoste … Revlon with only $ 19.

Almost tourists like visiting Melbourne as they find easy to move around.

The public transport includes trains, trams and buses with a wide network at least 300 destinations within and outside the suburban of Melbourne. In particular, you only have to spend 10 AUD for a Mel-card ticket, the ticket allows you travel all means for free and go to any destination within and outside the city.

You don’t need so many tips when shopping in Melbourne because there is few faked goods and prices are clearly listed and no bargain in the sale.

Tips for shopping also appear not need much when shopping in Melbourne. Counterfeiting and Piracy are few and almost no, and prices are listed clearly and no bargain in the sale. Australian laws are very strict and rigorous in the testing about the quality of goods and prices.

Melbourne, Australia

After leaving the mall, you probably do not want to come back the hotel immediately. Like most people who came to Melbourne city center, you can buy some snacks on the road and queue to buy a ticket to see the movie in the famous theatre in Crown building. The theater even serves you all night and it is never empty.

The pride of Australia, the city of beauty, art and peaceful modern life, Melbourne would be a suitable destination for you during May to July to enjoy winter in the land of the Kangaroo and enjoy shopping.